The College Park Nursery School, Inc. was founded as the Adelphi Nursery School Association and opened its doors in October, 1965. Establishing a co-operative nursery school in this area was made possible by a generous donor, the Co-operative Adelphi Kindergarten. The Kindergarten was disbanded because of the establishment of kindergarten in the public schools and its Board offered all its equipment to help start a co-operative nursery school for pre-schoolers.

Months prior to the opening, the School’s organizers were engaged in the difficult task of finding a site for the School, having to consider such facts as zoning, health and occupancy factors. The School found a home in the College Park Woods Swim Club Building. In 1966, the School’s name was changed to the Adelphi-College Park Woods Nursery School Association. Accomplishments for this year were By-Laws for the School and approval of its program from the State of Maryland. In 1967, the School became incorporated and changed its name to the Adelphi-College Parks Woods Nursery School, Inc. Accomplishments for this year, besides incorporation, included obtaining tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (which means that donations to the School are tax-exempt) and also sales tax exemptions on school purchases made in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

In the spring of 1973, the Swim Club was cited for violation of fire code regulations. The School would have to build a fire exit from the classroom or move out. After deciding against the expense of the construction work, the School moved to College Park United Methodist Church. Four years later in 1977, the Church decided not to renew the lease, and the School was forced to relocate again. The Swim Club agreed to split the construction costs for the fire exit. The School reopened in College Park Woods in October, 1977.

During the 1980-81 school year, the school began looking for a better, more permanent location. The Swim Club Building was too isolated and was in need of major repairs. Negotiation began with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Proper zoning was obtained in the Spring of 1981 making it possible for the School to open in St. Andrew’s in September, 1981.

Now located in the heart of College Park, the School changed its name to the College Park Nursery School, Inc. Through the efforts of many dedicated parents and teachers, the School has maintained high standards over the years and in spite of the many moves, and has earned a respected place in the community.